Speed = Comfort + Power + Aerodynamics

Our Fit First Philosophy


We feel our Fit First approach is necessary for all levels of riders, from experienced athletes to those just starting out in the sport. Our dedicated fit studio features the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU), a computer controlled, fully robotic, fit bike that enables the fitter to move the rider one millimeter at a time in any direction while the rider is pedaling. This dynamic fit process allows the rider to feel instantaneous feedback from one position to the next without having to get on and off the bike. The DFU is equipped with a Computrainer to measure pedaling efficiency and we utilize motion capture software to analyze the position in real time. The fit studio is also furnished with dozens of saddles and handlebars and aerobars of varying widths and styles. Call for more information and to schedule your appointment. 

Bicycle Fitting



Our bicycle fitting process is all about you so therefore we start by talking about you, your history, any injuries and goals. We take detailed body measurements to give us a starting position and then we analyze your shoe/cleat/pedal interface which is the foundation of a good fit.



The Guru DFU is a unique tool in that it allows the fitter to move the saddle and bars all at the same time as the rider is pedaling. There is no more getting on and off the bike, trying to remember how things felt after a period of time has gone by. Once the position is dialed in based on the riders feedback, pedaling efficiency scan and video analysis it’s time to move to the bike.



Now is the fun part. With the measurements taken from the DFU we are able to adjust your current bike to the new position or help determine what new bike will fit you best. Deciding on a new bike is more than just measurements; it is also based on your riding style and goals. We want to make sure we help you find a bike that fits you in every way. 

New Bike Consultation


At Fit2Ride Velo Studio we realize that there are many ways to purchase a new bike, and while we would love to sell you one of ours, we know you may be looking for something a little different or maybe a bike from another brand will work better for you. We are here to help no matter where you decide to purchase your new bike. If you are looking to purchase a bike on-line we still feel that it is important to be fit first and then to make sure your bike is assembled properly and safely. We offer fit and assembly package to make sure your purchase goes as smoothly as it would if you were purchasing a bike from us. Call for more details and pricing.